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Anti-gay mother’s day protester gets slushie thrown at her. See the full video here.


Dude I’m so mad. People have the right to their own opinion and people have the right to peacefully express their opinions. No one should have a drink thrown in their face for expressing their beliefs, even if others and myself don’t agree with them.

You’re so mad? IM so mad. I’m so mad and I’m so sad that people think their “opinion” is more legitimate than the love and life of another human, IM so mad that a woman took time out of her day that is meant to be spent with family, and instead chose to be bitter and stand on the street invalidating the love of others and their mothers. I Am So Mad that there are people who find themselves more important relevant or real than others because of their fucking sexuality and also I’m so mad that people are still excusing unnecessary hatred. Id be mad enough to throw that damn drink too. Good.

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